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Industry information: Ningbo stationery articles research center settles down in Ningbo Universityra
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On July 5, the starting ceremony of information evaluation of education ministry and Ningbo stationery articles research center was held in our school.Yu Hongyi, Zhaofa, Jiang Ruguo and Zhu Xuefeng unveiled the name plate of the research center seperately. Zhong Honghua, deputy district head of Zhenhai District, leaders of science and technology bureau,about 60 representatives of medium and large enterprises and research and development institutes attended this ceremony.

On the ceremony, vice presient Zhaofa extended welcome and briefly introduced the situation of the research center. Deputy district head Zhong Honghua, the enterprise representative of stationery industry,that is Fu Liansheng, vice general manager of Wenkui pen industry Co. Ltd, uttered congratulations on the starting of the research center, hoping Ningbo University will make greater contribution to the regional economic development. Chen Bingrong, vice secretary-general of the city government, shows congratulations on the newly added two information platform providing  Ningbo regional economic service, hoping the research institute will make good use of the information resources, lifting competitiveness, promoting the further development of Ningbo’s economy.

After the opening ceremony, Scientific and technologic information firm of Ningbo University and Ningbo products quality supervison institute signed the agreement on jointly establishing Ningbo stationery articles research center and comprehensive technology cooperation.

Information evaluation refers to a kind of public information consultation service, by various information retrieval means, using comprehensive analysis and comparison and providing factual basis for the novelty and advancement. For half years hard work in 2006, Ningbo University finally gets approved among the 14 universities, as the second information evaluation institute of education ministry, which runs after Zhejiang University.

On the base of local special economy, Ningbo stationery articles research center is jointly built by Ningbo University and Ningbo products quality supervison institute. The center has a group of high speciality technology personnels and relatively completed document resources, develops the collection of the production and market information of stationery articles, its quality and technology standard, technology and product patents, related policy and regulations, establishes stationery articles industry information service platform.

Information evaluation station of education ministry and Ningbo stationery articles research center settle down in Ningbo University and officially starts. It’s a beneficial exploration of university serving local government and economy, a platform for Ningbo University deeply serves the local economy and technology, Meanwhile, it will promote the lifting of the enterprise strategic position and strengthen Ningbo technology power.


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