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The company holds economic work conference on the first half year (the first half)ranteed
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This morning, about 100 company managers of the Group gathered in the beautiful Qiandao Lake, holding a meeting on the development and operation of the company’s first half year. This year’s meeting sets group discussion, having a deep discussion on the aspects of careful management, brand development, etc.

At 9:00 a.m., President Wang Liping as well as the board of directors sat down at round table. Presided by the vice general manager Dai Guoping, the meeting begins, and general manager Wang Junping makes the speech. He gives a detailed analysis on the aspects of business expanding, market management, production organizing and enterprise management, administration and logistic work, financial securities, etc, and puts forward specific blueprint of the later half of the year based on the exsisting weekness.

General manager Wang Junping points out, since the corporate’s successful listing in Shenzhen stock exchange in January 10, 2007, under the joint effort of the staff, especially all the cadres at present, under the correct leadership of the board of directors, company develops in good order according to the objectives made at the beginning of the year.




General manager Wang Junping states that the successful listing of the stock corporate provides a brand-new step for the company’s overall operation. The company not only becomes a member of the chinese capital market, widen the channel of capital financing, but further lifting Guangbo brand, stengthen the company’s overall strength, providing unprecedented opportunity for Guangbo’s development. However, the change of macro political and economic environment brings obvious pressure and challenge. Labor resources coming short as before, labor cost increasing, the cost of main raw materials continously striking high, appreciation of RMB exchange rate, decreasing of export rebate, market competition tending to be homogeneity, all these infavorable elements cause the company to carry out product innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation, so as to ease the negative influence. For half year, the company makes full use of the present resource advantage, by integrating the influence of listing, chinese well-known trademark, Olympic glory, providing a solid fundation for the future development, the tendency of development is still stronger.

General manager Wang Junping analyses, owing to the influence of appreciation of RMB and decreasing of export rebate of first half year, the products sales in international market suffer from this. By actively raising price through communication with clients, enlarging the purchasing amount of import raw material, company survives market fluctuation and the profit damaged situation. Company strengthens foreign trade management system and profitability, increasing the cultivation force of the domestic sales market, create market penetration power of Olympic games projects and other franchising products.

He also emphasizes on strengthening the cultivation of projects like digital electrons, nanometer materials and real estate, etc. strengthening independent innovation and the construction and management of self-owned brand. Putting chinese well-known trademark, chinese famous brand and Army Guangbo Women Basketball as the key, strengthen the innovation of marketing ability, management mechanism and producing technology, strengthen talented person’s cultivation and mangement ability, strengthen employees’ ideological and political construction.

In the report, general manager Wang Junping puts forward things that need improving, requiring every department strengthen process cooperation, strengthening coordination management; require the unitarity and compatibility, reduce inventory, improve technology; strengthen the cultivaton of independent innovation and self-owned brand, and the construction of culture project; improve the business department’s ability of receiving orders and negotiation, adapting to the change and demand of the new period.

Then, according to the agenda of the meeting, the employees are divided into three group’s discussion. Hereafter follows the topic for discussion: how to combine practical work, profits gaining , management process improvement and changing work style; how to combine the democracy construction with employees’ political and ideological work, how to take advantage of the Olympic games and enlarge the enterprise’s popularity by listing; do well in the service and brand development.

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