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The company holds economic working conference on the first half year (the second half)ranteed
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In the afternoon’s group discussion, based on their performance, every representative reveals the difficulty and puzzle they met in their own department, which arouses the discussion of related department. The problems become clear when discussed and analysed by them. They show suggestions and put forward many effective improving plans. President Wang Liping emphasizes that the effect of group discussion is very ideal, absorbing valuable ideas and suggestions for the company and providing a new way. The three aspects involved in this discussion will be the key aspect for the company to improve. After meeting, company will organize a special team to clear up the problems of the discussion. For the key issues, the related departments have to work out solutions thereto .




Later, the representatives from paper products company, import and export company and group office have a speech. Based on the management practices, the representative from paper products company sums up the achievement, as well as puts forward the view and improving plan on the existing puzzle and management inefficiency. The representative from import and export company emphasizes how to maintain clients and implement reasonable price pushing and explore new market, under the external environment of appreciation of RMB exchange rate, reducing export rebate and inflation of the prices of raw material. The representative from Group office emphasizes the necessity of  Guangbo brand building and puts forward many plans on brand management, brand propaganda and brand protection, and puts forward the suggestions on brand management, public relations crisis and brand intangible assets evaluation.





President Wang Liping makes a speech on how to create enterprise core-competence in new economic era, which includes three parts. Part one emphasizes the opportunity period faced by chinese manufacturing industry represented by Guangbo from four aspects. 1. The successful listing of Guangbo Stock enlarges the Guangbo assets, gradual implementation of corresponding recruitment project and large-scale production system, all of these will lift Guangbo’s strong manufacturing ability. The production of Guangbo in the future, must be orientated towards precise treatment and high quality. Importing a series of advanced production equipment, importing and cultivating a group of high grade talents of production technology, provides a strong guarantee for Guangbo industry development. 2. Creating special marketing chain, by enlarging  overseas company. Cultivate and import lots of professional marketing talents, implement franchising management, carry out general agency in partial regional market and strengthen integration of brand. 3. Implementing brand development. Through the determination of chinese well-known trademark, chinese famous brand,etc, carrying out the protection of Guangbo brand worldwide. On the one aspect, it normalizes market-actions. On the other aspect, to increase propaganda and strengthen the brand registration work of products exempting from check and exported brand. 4. Guangbo as a public company puts listing as the new opportunity, creating more profits for the stock holders and creating new value for the enterprise. It invests the new projects with new increasing points, bearing more social responsibility.

In the second part of the speech, President Wang Liping takes practical situation into account and analyses Guangbo under new economic era, from the three aspects of brand strategy, innovation strategy and culture strategy, comprehensively lifting Guangbo’s core competency. President Wang Liping points out that in brand strategy, Guangbo will gain wide recognition from consumers by advertising and news propaganda. Guangbo will let dealer and consumers share economic benefit throu

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