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Relay the spirit of “ thousands of volunteers helping the poor students campaign”-------- sunlight goes into Guangbo
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On the morning of August 22, Guangbo Group took her turn to join the “harmonious Ningbo  thousands of volunteers helping the poor students campaign organized by city government. An impressive activity was organized by the company. Within two hours, 256 poor students from Ningbo poverty relief office were sponsored by Guangbo which becames the enterprise that assisted most.

In the early morning, director of Guangbo plastic rubber workshop Luo Bing cames to the donation hall. He used to be an average worker from backwards in Guizhou. For years’ hard working , he gradually became a skilled worker, and  worked all the way up to the director of the workshop. Hearing that this grant is to donate the students from his hometown, he was so excited that he confirmed three good students. He says: “ I’m from Guizhou. In the past, I didn’t learn well because of the poor family. Now I want to thank the Ningbo people for helping so many students. Besides, through my donation, I want to help the students from my hometown, letting them learn more.”

The donation was scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m., but many people came before 9:30. In the hall of Guangbo industrial park, they carefully browsed the name list of the needed students. For this activity, President Wang Liping canceled his flight. Together with the manager of Hongkong branch company, they registered over 50 students. An American client with a long-term cooperation with Guangbo noticed this activity, accompanied by general manager Wang Zhaoping, also chose ten students. A department manager cames back from business fair, hearing only ten students left, and without much thinking he gave the donation. Employees of Guangbo of different levels earnestly joined this grant.

Sunlight grant is a long-term grant planning launched by Guangbo, setting up Guangbo scholarship in university, Guangbo hope primary school in Guizhou, donating schools for migrant laborers’ children, donating educational cause for impoverished village, assisting family members and students of afflicted employees, etc. Guangbo sunlight grant infiltrate love to every aspects of society. This grant fully exerts the spirit of Guangbo employees’ mutual assistance and love.


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