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“Guangbo-My Show” show yourselfranteed payday loan
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On October 8, on the ground of Guangbo employee’s dormitory, many people are there, nearly thousand people. The ten contestants make their last preparation, and encourage each other. Five judges have sit down and sometimes communicate with each other. 45 public judges have already showed up. “ Show yourself, nothing is impossible”, called by the audience. So it begins our party.

Contestants wonderful show

Contestants give different kinds of shows, like singing, playing musical instruments, etc. When people are soaked in mysterious note, an enthusiastic song brings people to the wheel of history, telling the five thousands civilization of China. Zhang Qingqing’s soft and enthusiastic singing reveals the true feelings as children of China.

Contestants sing by heart, changing note into their language and having a heartly communication with people. At last, a contestant named Jiang Weiwei gives a surprise to the audience before the opening, with his unique way. People really enjoy his show.

Judge judging carefully

Contestants on the stage try their best and judges under stage carefully listen to their songs as well. Enjoying their musical show, the judges will nod their heads while feeling excited. After every contestant finishes his show, judges always have an equal, fair and open attitude and score earnestly.

Review boards vote holy

After the end of the first competition of five to ten, the results of the ten contestants have been known. Yang Guiying, Hu Qigen and Jiang Weiwei get the chance to enter the next competition. The rest seven contestants are voted by 45 review boards. Our public judges give their holy tickets. The supporters of the contestants canvass for their own contestants. Seeing the enthusiasm of the audience, contestants are so moved. In the end, Zhang Qingqing and Yang Xiaolin win out. In the following competition, they will try their best as a return for the people’s support.

After the violent competition, the result is known. Jiang Weiwei and He Qigen get the championship. Yang Guiying gets the second prize and the best one on the stage. Hu Huijuan acquires the most potential singer. Leaders like Zhu Guozhang, deputy secratery of party committee, give award to the winning contestants.


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