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Guangbo Stock IPO gets approvedranteed payday loan
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On December 1, 2006, in the 68th meeting of the stock issue committee of the Stock Supervision and Administration Council of China approves the IPO of Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd (Guangbo Stock in short). It is said that Guangbo Stock is the first listing national paper products stationery enterprise.

This issuance of Guangbo Stock gets approved in the first temporary shareholders meeting on August 23, 2006. It will adopts the issuing way of cimulative bidding inquiry issuing for the under network rationing objectives and online capital purchasing fixed price issuing. It plans to issue 48million A share. The stock quality of this issuance accounts for 25.27% of the total stocks. The net asset of each share is 1.52 yuan before issuing.

Guangbo makes paper products stationery powerful

At present, national stationery industry is the more rapid and perfect industry in china light industry. Among the paper products stationery industry, mostly are labor-intensive enterprises, and the chance of entering barrier is relatively lower. Stationery industry has entered the fully competitive stage.

In recent years, with the world stationery industry transfering to the developing countries, the competition of chinese stationery industry gradually shows the characteristics of “ national competition is the same as international competition”.The form of competition transfers from price competition to the all-round competition such as product developing abilith, brand and after sale service, etc.

It is said that Guangbo Stock now is the leading enterprise of the national paper products stationery, having 9 holding subsidiaties, with 7 within the borders and 2 oversea. At present, it mainly engeges in the producing and saling of the stationery commodities. It mainly includes albums, colorprinting package, office appliances and gifts, these five series products. Now the company’s annual printing capacity reaches 1.3 billion per time. This year, Guangbo Stock not only becomes the first paper products stationery franchising producer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The “Guangbo” trademark is regarded as the well-known trademark by trademark bureau of national industrial and commercial administration.

The first half year of this year, the sales achievement of Guangbo Stock shows its strong growth, increased by 26.48% than the half year in 2005. What’s more, the sales income of self-produced products is increased by 39.34% than the half year in 2005.

Raising funds mainly in main business

According to the prospectus, after raising fund of this issuance, Guangbo Stock will invest 167.66 million yuan in the project of high-grade cultural commodities, 118.71 million yuan in the printing project of the first-class books based on digital printing technology, 32.9395 million yuan in the global marketing network construction project.

“High-grade paper cultural commodities project is used to enlarge the company’s existing productivity, including albums, paper office appliance and so on. The printing project of the first-class books based on digital printing technology is a new project, mainly facing to the first-class books in overseas booking market and the printing and processing business of allotype books.” President Wang Liping explains to the reporter, “The global marketing network construction project is a nonproductive project, which is the integration and extension of the marketing network. It is a project provides service and support to better exert the total strategic development of the company, as well as this raising fund investment project.”

Accounted by the reporter, the total amount of the investment of these three projects is 319,309,500 yuan. It is said that if there exist the financing gap between Guangbo Share and the actual raising fund of this issuance, Guangbo Share will solve it by itself. If the raising fund has surplus, it will supply the circulating fund for the daily production operations.

Stationery “cake” can make enough big

Stationery industry as the indispensable consumables industry in people’s daily cultural life, these years with the improving of people’s material and culture level, it acquires rapid development.

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