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The 2nd board of directors the 13th meeting of Guangbo Share is heldranteed
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On March 22, the 2nd board of directors the 13th meeting of Guangbo Share is held as scheduled in the company’s meeting room of first floor.

President Wang Liping makes a report of the 2006 board of directors. Under the international environment of the rising of the RMB exchange rate in 2006, the company has powerfully relief the things like the RMB appreciation, the rising of raw materials, etc. and promote the developing process of the company, by the way of adjusting product structure, enlarging areas, deeply exploring more clients, exploring the market of Europe and America, Japan.

The board of directors show that in 2007, company will actively make good use of all the good opportunities, further use resource platform, implement brand strategy, steadily promoting the diversification and brand development of the market. Therefore, company will do the following things:

1. On the basis of consolidating the present sales, continuously promote the development of the new product market. By all the means of further enlarging market area and clients, promote the implement of paper products project.

2. On the basis of preparation work of last year, deepen the development of European native characteristic products, actively grasp the transferring opportunity of European paper products stationery market, strengthen the investigation, analysis of the market and develop the unique market. At the same time, further promoting the development of the Japanese market.

3. Promoting the construction work of Guangbo self-owned brand in international market. Stabilize the self-owned brand market in the Southeast Asia and Middle East areas, as well as promote the construction of self-owned brand in European and American areas.

4. On the basis of first starting market in 2006, the national market import professional marketing consultants to promote the domestic sales stationery market. It implements the brand planning on the first stage and grasp the opportunity of Olympic Games, providing a comprehensive plan for next year.


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