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Saving a child, but she says that’s not a big dealranteed p
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On March 29, a letter from Chehe village arouses Zhu Guozhang’s attention, the deputy secretary of Guangbo Group party committee. After reading the letter, he is very excited. “ This is a letter of praise, and our employee did a big deal.”

Replaying of the event

On March 18, it’s Sunday. After finishing the housework, Ynag Zhongli, working in Guangbo stationery workshop, with his husband Diao Xuebo went to the Chehu village to wash clothes. They nattered the housework while washing. Suddenly, they heard a sound not far away from the river, then coming the help of a child.

“ Someone is drowning”, Yang Zhongli’s first reaction was to urge her husband to save him. But her husband couldn’t swim. Without thinking, she jumped into the river without taking off her shoes. In the water, she noticed the water was so cold, although it was spring. Besides, she found herself become heavier, because she didn’t take off her coat and shoes, which were soaked with water. Seeing that the child was partly hidden and partly visible, she couldn’t care more, trying her best to search the child. At last, she got him, and the child was pale.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll bring you back”, she eased the child. Trying her best, she carried the child to the bank side. On the bank, her husband pulled them up. At that time, she was exhausted and had no strength to stand. And she had the cold for several days.

The development of the event: saving a person without leaving her name

Knowing the child was saved, his family including the old man Lv Jiangkuang were too excited to say something. They wanted to thank the one who saved the child, but no one knew who did it.

In order to give thanks, the family enquired and almost went to every inhabitant, finally knowing that it was Yang Zhongli couple. When they carried gifts to Yang Zhong li’s home, they were politely refused. Nevertheless, they wrote a complimenting letter to the leaders of Guangbo Group to show their gratitude to Yang Zhongli couple.

The hero: “Everyone will do that”.

Knowing such a moving event, the reporter comes to Yang Zhongli’s workshop.

Colleagues all show that Yang Zhongli is a hard-working and easy-going person. When the reporter finds her, she is deft at doing her work. When the reporter shows his purpose, she miles and says that “that’s not a big deal and everyone will do that .”


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