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The 2nd tenth chairman meeting of Ningbo private-run entrepreneur association is held in Guangborant
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On April 6, the 2nd tenth chairman meeting of Ningbo private-run entrepreneur association is held in Guangbo Group meeting room. Cui Xiuling, chairman of Ningbo business association, Zhang Xiangqun, general secretary of private-run entrepreneur association, as well as every chairman, vice chairman and member attend this meeting.

At the meeting, President Wang Liping, as the representative of every member of private-run enterprise, makes a speech. He makes a detailed exposition on the dilemma that private-run enterprises faced. He says, “The existing problems have following: 1. Private-run enterprises are mainly manufacturing industries and lobor intensive enterprises. The biggest advantage of private-run enterprises is the cost superiority. But most private-run enterprises find it hard to gain the capital, which has become the bottleneck of the development of private-run enterprises. 2. The forms of trade friction have changed, having a new requirement to the manufacturing industry, such as the treatment of the employees and living environment, which will rise the enterprises’ cost. 3. Appreciatin of RMB and the continuous astriction of partial trade policies of privatr-owned enterprises, let many export-oriented privatr-owned enterprises be washed out from the competition. 4. Raising rise of fuel and raw materials and supply of the land increase the pressure of cost. Some small privatr-owned enterprises find it hard to bear it, especially those labor-intensive privatr-owned enterprises.

Later, the representatives show their own views, actively study the countermeasures. Chairman Cui Xiuling also shows, Ningbo private-run entrepreneur association will innovate service concept, service field and service method, fully exerting its role.


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