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Guangbo party committee actively launch training class for active party enrolleesranteed
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On April 10, in multifunctional hall of Guangbo digital company, the training class for 2007 active party enrollees give lessons as scheduled, which is held by Guangbo Group party committee. Nearly hundred active party enrollees attend this training.

In order to train and exercise the active party enrollees, enhance their overall quality, further standardize their team building, Guangbo Group party committee carries out this training activity on strengthening inner-party regulation and polity. Through learning party charpter and party’s route and guideline, encouraging them to start from reality, to accept the organization’s cultivation and education by practical action, so as to elaborae the model effect of the party member.

The development and expansion of Guangbo has a close relationship with the work of enterprise party construction. Since Guangbo Group party committee set up in June last year, company combine the party construction work with enterprise management. Fully depending on party organization, combine the party construction with enterprise cultural construction, spiritual civilization construction, management construction and organization perfection. Find the carriers, actively exert the role of the party organization and stengthen its cohesion and battle effectiveness. Since this year, Guangbo party committee has enlarge its team, newly increase eight probationary party members on the basis of 71 party members. Another eight has listed as the training and developing objects.


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