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The 99th China National Stationery Fair Guangbo brand booth fascinatingranteed
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Hosted by china merchandise commercial association, chian pen-making association and Shenyang government, the 99th China National Stationery Fair and the 9th china international pen-making stationery fair are successfully closed in Shenyang globle international exhibition center on April 14. By good quality, innovative design and humanity aervice, Guangbo is very successful in this fair and gains favour from many clients.

Wall Street golden cow, liquid crystal TV, LED neon light, etc. besides, Guangbo has a unique style on the aspect of product show. The most unique one is the exhibition frame with fluorescence, which is unforgetable. And A4 folder, album-style exhibition frame inject new blood to this fair. The booth of Guangbo becomes a glowing point of this fair, so many people are surrounding there.

According to statistics, 700 stationery suppliers and 1000 buyers participate in this fair, influxing multi well-known brands from Europe and America, Japan, Korean, ASEAN, China and Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan areas. The products include stationery, office appliance, students articals, paper and paper products, IT products and digital products these 15000 kinds of goods, attracting about 10000 professional audience.

Facing so large market, Guangbo makes full preparation. On the height of brand operation, intergrating company listing information, on one aspect, it puts forward the brand theory of first stock of china comprhensive stationery and 2.4 billion market value strength achieving brand. On the other aspect, it copes with other brand by the strength of the company. For the dealers, strength is more attractive and stronger than the location of the product level. It is the very reson the stationery dealers from northeast compete to sign cooperation agreement with Guangbo stationery.

Lin Xiaofan, assistant of general manager of Guangbo Share, says in the interview: “This fair is Guangbo Share’s large-scale showing after the successfully listing of Shenzhen A share. Guangbo stationery extends itself from paper products, album, registering books to office appliance and students articals, taking a comprehensive stationery brand path. Company shows great attention to this fair, specially establish a project group. In order to show listing company’s charm and new products image, we put the position of booth as part of marketing innovative brand. Making good use of many activities, we show our strength and give confidence to the dealers and consumers, as well as enhancing the brand popularity of Guangbo stationery.


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