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“Guangbo” printing wins the title of “Chinese name brands”ranteed
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On September 11, commendation conference of Chinese name brands and China world name brands is held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. China’s brand strategy promoting committee announce the namelist of 2007 Chinese name brands and China world name brands. National Quality Ispect General Burean commendate enterprises of 2007 Chinese name brands and China world name brands and award them certificates and medals.Domestic famous paper products stationery brand---Guangbo stationery, screening strictly by related experts in the aspects of product quality, output, sales volume, etc. wins “honorary title of Chinese name brands” of its printing.

As the propagator and professional manufacturer of cultural industry, Guangbo has always been devoting to the construction of “brand engineering”. By continously deepening the construction of “brand engineering”, setting up team responsibility consciousness of “ everyone is brand”, deepening the cultural element of whole product marketing, enhancing the enterprise’s core value of research and development, qualith and service.

At present, Guangbo trademark has been Chian’s well-known trademark. Guangbo Group is among top 500 of Chinese non-governmental enterprises, high-and new-tech enterprise of provincial level, China top ten stationery brand, the first chinese paper products stationery management business of 2008 Beijing olympics, director unit of national stationery industry standardization committee, mainly revising and drafting many national product standardization like “album, namecard industry standardization” and “registration books industry standardization”. As “key support and development of the brand export goods” of national Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and Ministry of Commerce, Guangbo series products have been exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia these 70 more countries and regions.

For the honorary title of  “Chinese name brands”, Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group, shows that Guangbo products can win this title, revealing that government, vast consumers as well as the whole industry firmly confirm more than ten year’s development of Guangbo product, which is more valuable than honor itself. Meanwhile, winning the honor of Chinese name brand injects a strong stimulant to the Guangbo’s furture development. The company will continously control the quality, perfect enterprise management system, letting good products known as charming “Guangbo” brand.


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