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Guangbo wholehearted anti “Weipa”ranteed payday loan
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In order to guarantee the success of anti-typhoon, leaders of Guangbo pay high attention to sever situation of the coming of typhoon and pre-make thoughtful plan of anti- typhoon, owing to the strategy of “four accomplishments” about concept, responsibility, action and material. It has withstood the assault of typhoon  Weipaand the loss caused by the typhoon was reduced to the lowest level

Concept accomplishment: Company leaders persistent focus on anti-typhoon, make related common operation system and emergency pre-scheme and always reach a successful result under the lead of company safety committee. On the morning of September 18, after having an emergency meeting on anti-typhoon, company leaders quickly hold a medium high level leadership conference, announcing the news of the coming of super severe typhoon “Weipa” and deploying various coping measures.

Responsibility accomplishment: Company quickly establish anti-typhoon leading group, leaded by president Wang Liping. Deputy secretary of party committee is responsible for every work on anti-typhoon. At the same time, they establish emergency rush repair team to fullfil the specific work, specify the duty, ensure the responsibility. After the meeting, every group acts. Company leaders go front to guide anti-typhoon work and send specific people to key protection zone to patrol and monitor, like warehouse and workshop.

Action accomplishment: Company put the keypoint of anti-typhoon work in the warehouse, choosing the strong one to guide it and ensuring absolute safety of the warehouse. Considering the characteristic of low terrain of the warehouse, they take choking up underground water as the principle, determine observation spot, keep a close eye on rainfall and the trend of flood, arrange specific people to observe and tell the excess pore water of the warehouse.

Material accomplishment: Receiving the notice of anti-typhoon, company quickly prepare materials, purchasing emergency lamps, torches, raincoats, rainboots and candles.

On the evening of September 18, it rains heavily with strong wind. The finished goods warehouse leaks. Guangbo emergency flotilla quickly come to the finished goods warehouse to stop the leakage and transfer the piled finished goods and materials in an orded way together with 50 more workers. Under the command of President Wang Liping, the staff are busy in an orded way. Until 2:00 a.m., they has transfereed the goods to the safety area. While all of them are wet with no complaint. It is said that in this typhoon Guangbo Group reduce the loss of million yuan, because of the full preparation.


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