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Curtian of innovation industrial design exhibition rises the booth of Guangbo is very attractivera
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On September 22, approved and supported by International Industrial Design Federation, 2007 China Ningbo world innovation industial design exhibition held in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition center, which is jointly sponsored by chinese industrial design association, chinese machanical engineering society subcommittee of industrial design and Ningbo government. Guangbo Group attend this grand gathering as the first time.

Entering the exhibition hall, Guangbo Group, with blue as ite main tone, is out of all the boothes, which is pleasant to people’s eye. Various goods on the booth also attract many people.

Xing Shengcai, deputy director of state interllectual property bureau and Li Xu, director of Ningbo science and technology bureau especially stop to Guangbo’s booth. They appreciate the environmental protection concept of Guangbo’s products and the action of vigorously developing products of new environmental protection. Meanwhile, the developing of environmental protection can’t be achieved without the support of vast enterprises. They encourge Guangbo to keep on doing the things on environmental protection.

It is said that, at present Guangbo Group make full use of the role of stationery developing center, inject new concept of environmental protection and technology on developing the products, improve the adjustment of product structure, depend on the superiority of industrial technology and comprehensive technique, continuoulsy eliminate low range products and develop high value products.

Meanwhile, by importing international talents, it gradually forms a student stationery designing team with the characteristic of Korean designers. By the actions of advocating using environmental technique like developing soybean ink, and developing intelligent electronic stationery, it increases technology contents of of traditional stationery products, quicken the product updating, optimize enterprise production and technoligical process and enhance the quanlith and efficiency. At prensent, the company has input millions yuan in importing the automatic pipeline of exquisite e-book project. The test work of this project is expected to be finished at the end of this year.


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