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On the evening of September 24, “Guangbo one family” Mid-autumn party is held in the employee’s residential area. More than 3000 non-local employees gather here. Employees from every company and department organize about ten programs, which is complied and acted by themselves. All the employees spend a pleasant mid-autumn. President Wang Liping with other leaders come the party and spend “Guangbo one family” Mid-autumn party with the non-local employees.

Bright red drum striked, one man and one woman appear in front of the audience. The drumbeat and their special dance step win the clapping and acclaims from the audience, which lifts one climax of the party. Meanwhile, it establishes a very good foundation for the success of this party.

Next is the dancing and singing, which also attracts the eyes of all the audience. For instance, dancing from the palstic subplant and singing from the digital company win the most acclaim, as well as the constant clapping.

In the party, it also holds the awarding ceremony of “2007 Guangbo Group the best non-local employees” and “the 7th Guangbo Cup employees basketball contest”. For many years, cultural and sports life of the employees has greatly improved. In the party, he best non-local employee makes a proposal on to be a qualified and civilized Guangbo person. It is said that every year Guangbo Group will organize and arrange many activities and awarding ceremonies, in order to stimulate employee’s working passion and encourage them more actively and heartedly devoting to the cause of building bright Guangbo.

The stage is colorful, and the audience seem to join those who are on the stage. So it begins the interactive game, that is, stripping the peel of pomelo. The participants use different ways. It is really so funny that you can hear the laughing here and there. They really like a family.

In the“Guangbo one family” Mid-autumn party, President Wang Liping comes to the stage gladly and gives best wishes to the staff. “Thank you for what you’ve done for the development of Guangbo. Guangbo can never be without you. By this opportunity, I wish you happy festival and healthy!”

The party places a full-stop by a song which is sung by an employee from Guangbo digital company. Many employees aren’t willing to leave, hoping the next activity will come soon.


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