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2007 China. Ningbo World Innovative Industrial Design Exhibitionranteed
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On September 22 to 24, 2007 China. Ningbo World Innovative Industrial Design Exhibitionis held in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. We Guangbo Group is invited to attend this exhibition.

The rapid development of Guangbo during these years is visible to everyone. It has successively obtained China exported famous-brand, China Olympic franchising trader, China ten stationery brand, China well-known trademark and Chinese famous brand these special honor. The share of Guangbo Group is successfully listed in Shenzhen stock exchange on January, 2007. That is to say, the every step made forward by Guangbo is a great leap. Attending this innovative industrial designing show, Guangbo brings the innovative products which is newly self developed by itself to the exhibition, like albums, books, new products of Olympic series, digital products, etc. hoping the visitors will know Guangbo, understand Guangbo, even like Guangbo, becoming its faithful fan.

In the aspect of designing the exhibition hall, Guangbo adopts openwork design mainly between blue and white. The first feeling that Guangbo gives to people is open and wide. No matter standing on which position of the exhibition hall, you can see the exhibition goods very clearly. Guangbo’s “wide world, broad feeling” is well interpretated and embodied. Although it’s raining heavily, the number of visitors is not reducing since it’s formally open to the outside at 9:00a.m. Our exhibition hall is really a lively scene. Many visitors stop to visit, appreciate and exchange. Many visitors show strong interest on the series products of 2008 Beijing olympics, including the visitors from Brazil, Korean, etc. We carefully answer the questions raised by the visitors. Meanwhile, we are deeply proud of ourselves. Because we work in Guangbo, and we’re one member of Guangbo. Through Guangbo, we also can contribute our own part for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Not noly those visitors show high enthusiasm on Guangbo’s innovative products, but attract Xing Shengcai, deputy director of state interllectual property bureau and Li Xu, director of Ningbo science and technology bureau to visit and guide. At fiest, Director Xing shows congratulations to Guangbo for the successful application of franchising management of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Then he inquires, know and guide the products which used for the Olympic Games, putting forward his own suggestions and ideas. Meanwhile, he gives a high praise and firmly confirms Guangbo’s brave in the innovative field. He encourages people of Guangbo to work hard, making it more big and strong.

On the exhibition, Guangbo shows its newly-developed digital products to the visitors with three showcases.Visitors are very happy to see made-in-china, especially the digital cameras and portable cameras, which are produced by Guangbo. They confirm the great achievements made by Guangbo in the innovative development. It shows Guangbo gains a irreplaceable and steady position in the consumers’ heart.

“2007 China. Ningbo World Innovative Industrial Design Exhibition” ends successfully on September 24. We, together with those who love innovative products, show concern on the tendency of them, look forward to the coming of the next year’s exhibition. We believe Guangbo will bring more, better, and newer products next year, with a satisfactory answering paper.


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