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China’s paper product speciality committee of 2007 annual meeting is held in Jinan


On September 27, Chinese cultural education atheletics commodity association paper product speciality committee of 2007 annual meeting is held in Jinan, Shandong. Presidents, general managers and representatives of more than 30 paper product leading enterprises attend this grand gathering. Yang Li, vice chairman of China light industrial federation, committee member of China’s famous-brand promoting committee, board chairperson of Chinese cultural education atheletics commodity association; and Hu Qichang, vice board chairperson of Chinese cultural education atheletics commodity association attend this meeting. The meeting is hosted by Zhang Zongshu, the general secretary of paper products committee. President Wang Liping attends this meeting, makes the work report of the new session of committee and puts forward new development planning.

At first, Hu Qichang, vice board chairperson of Chinese cultural education atheletics commodity association, addresses and shows congratuation to the 4 enterprises winning China famous brand including Guangbo Group, calling more enterprises participate in brand strategy. In the meeting, as the director of new session paper products committee, president Wang Liping makes the paper work on stengthening brand development and promoting the competitiveness of enterprises. The report points out that the new session committee grasp opportunity, overcome difficulty, positively and initiatively explore experience, continuously expand industry team, make a certain achievement in strengthening brand deveopment and promoting the competitiveness of enterprises. The report introduces the following 7 aspects:strengthening organization construction, expanding industry team, strengthening propaganda of industry, expanding the influence of the industry at home and abroad, participating the revision of the industry product standard, participating the evaluation review of the top-ten stationery brand and china famous brand, organizing and coping with anti-dumping and strengthening industry exchange. It comprehensively reports during the past one yeat, paper products committee make joint effort with leaders of all-level, every industry and enterprise. The secretariat overcome difficulty, explore actively, make an active effort on developing industry brand and promoting the competitiveness of enterprises. Wang Liping supports that, the purpose of establishing speciality committee is to develop paper products cause in industry service; provide a platform for the paper products enterprises to exchange and learn, making it better serving the technical progess of enterprises; play a linking role for the enterprises and social related departments; know the industry’s needs of the technical talents; solve the problems in production process; keep close communication with counterpart from abroad; enhance the level of China paper products industry, and so on. Meanwhile, committee need the support of every enterprise, expanding professional publicity, enhancing the subjective position of industry and participating the international brand competition.

In addition, sales income and export volume of China paper products increase by 20% per year, which has become the large production country in the world. Paper products speciality committee as one of the main industry of chinese cultural industry, actively promote the industry development, bringing along more paper products enterprises to participate the world market competition, overall promoting the China paper products industry. By the proposal of secretarial, the congress vote to choose Hubei Grand Maple Paper Co.,Ltd. and Zhejiang Gold Eagle artware Co.,Ltd. as vice director units. Choosing Yangtze River Paper Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Conney Stationery Co.,Ltd., Taizhou Deli best, Wuhan Wright, Zhejiang Ruijiao, Hunan printing affairs, Ningbo Chenglu as the standing committee.

Besides, the congress discusses and passes “proposal on strengthening China paper products self-discipline”. In the proposal, it puts forward the request of legal management, following industry standard, advocating fair competition, formulating strategic target, strengthen consciousness of environmental protection, promoting harmonious development these six initiatives. The representatives of industry make proposals and put forward many valuable opinions in advocating the industry develop in a healthy way. In view of the paper products anti-dumping that America posing to us in 2006, as well as the stationery industry export tax rebate appeared in 2007, the congress discuss and pass “appeal towards the adjust of paper products industry export tax reimbursement policy, which is submitted to the higher departments.

In the end, Yang Li, board chairperson of Chinese cultural education atheletics commodity association, makes a speech. She encourages the paper products enterprises to continuously strengthen technological innovation, brand development and cultural construction, enhance the enterprises’ competitive ability in participating world paper products industry. She also calls for more enterprises to join this organization, making effort together for the status of china paper products industry in the world market.


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