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Autumnal ordering meeting on 2007 Beijing olympic franchise goods Guangbo having bumper harvestran
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During these days, the two-day Autumnal ordering meeting on 2007 Beijing olympic franchise goods today is in recess in Qing Huangdao Olympic Sports Center. 65 olympic franchising traders, 67 olympic franchising retailers, Beijing olympic partners and representatives of sponsorship all over the country attend this ordering meeting. In this ordering meeting, about 4000 old and new Beijing olympic franchise goods are displayed, including over 300 newly launched products. Guangbo Group as the 2008 Beijing olympic franchising manufacturer attends this grand gathering as scheduled.

Devoting in brand development

For this ordering meeting, Guangbo not only hopes to show its brand image through this platform, but by this opportunity to learn advanced theory and management measures with multi franchising enterprises. As we all know, those become 2008 Beijing Olympic franchising enterprises are the best ones among the counterpart at home and abroad, having certain strength both in development design and production scale anyway. Guangbo being the olympic franchising dealer means that Guangbo strides a solid step in the way of developing diversification of industry and brand globalization.

Shining of products

Being always taken blue tone as the main melody of enterprise culture, Guangbo Group embodys the connotation of “wide universe, broad feelings” and genius of culture of “learning widely from all strong points like the sea admits all rivers” to the whole world.

In this ordering meeting, blue of Guangbo is still so attractive. At the beginning of this event, with the pleasant sound of percussion instrument, lots of olympic franchising dealers have a face with Guangbo, whose products with different designing theory. Guangbo’s products have various kinds, special design, especially the exquisite making and excellent quality attract the eyes of the dealers. Guangbo’s self-designing Five Friendlies stationery emboitement and Five Friendlies tableware emboitement make the dealers unforgetable. Their unconscious nodding is an identification of Guangbo’s products.

Meanwhile, leaders of franchising management agency of Olympic Games Organizing Committee and sponsors of this fair visit our show. They firmly confirm Guangbo’s franchising products and hope it wil design more products in the future meeting the need of the gloable stationery market.

Bumper harvest of orders

Through this trade fair, Guangbo receives lots of orders. Many new franchising enterprises call and show great interest in our products, hoping to establish cooperation with us. Promote new products of Guangbo olympic franchising goods to be listed as soon as possible, meeting the supply of the olympic franchising goods.

In addition, ordering meeting further promotes Guangbo brand, making Guangbo brand hand in hand with olympic, strike to internationalization and brand establishment together, meditate “the same world, the same dream”.


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