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Feng Ming, officer of provincial foreign trade investigates Guangbo with his investigating grouprant
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On December 1, accompanied by the leaders of Ningbo city, Feng Ming, officer of provincial foreign trade, with his investigating group, visit Guangbo to investigate and research.

Investigating group visit the company’s sample exhibition center and hear the report of the situation. After knowing that Guangbo has established a wide marketing network in a gloable scope and strategic cooperative partnership with world stationery tycoon like Staples, Officemax, etc., also is the largest stationery supplier of the transnational retailers like Walmart, Carrefour and so on, they inquires situations like enterprise capital operation, advanced technique importing, product structure adjustment, employees’ welfare security and so on, fully affirm the enterprise’s advanced management mode and scientific management system.

At the same time, officer Feng Ming shows great concern to Guangbo on the issues of environmental protection management, wastewater in discharge, etc. demanding enterprise and local government to stress on environment protection and take a sustainable development and cycle economic road.


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