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Hand in hand with the Netherlands stationery company Guangbo exerting force in international market
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At present, China’s stationery leading enterprise---Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co,. Ltd signs a framework of cooperative agreement with the HENZO BV Stationery Company from the Netherlands with a history of more than 50 years (in the following calls it “HENZO company” briefly). Guangbo will invest 915,000 euros to purchase HENZO company’s paper products, stationery and album automation production equipment. HENZO company promises that it will order no less than 30 million dollars products from Guangbo stationery in three years, mainly radiating the European market.

When the “made-in-China” light industrial products such as toys, foods, gifts, etc frequently suffer unreasonable treatment in European & American Market, Guangbo stationery also undergoes a hard rising course. From a processing factory to the one having the international advanced equipment, the products from scratch to sell well in more than 70 gloable countries and regions, from non-brand to Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, Guangbo share has experienced learning and re-creation, finally let “made in Guangbo” become the label of “china stationery manufacture”, becoming the benchmarking brand of china stationery.

Since Guangbo share listing on January 10, on the three strategic basis of continuously promoting brand power, innovation power and cultural power, Guangbo stationery has quicken the step of expansion. The cooperation with HENZO company is just a beginning of “made-in-Guangbo” intending to penetrate the gloable stationery market.

HENZO company is a well-known European stationery manufacturing enterprise, with a history of more than 50 years, mainly manufacturing high-grade album and frame. It is the brand representative of high-grade stationery in European market, with annual sales turenover of about 32 million dollars. Mr. Out, representative of the company, says: “Made in China shows its strength more and more. Besides, its manufacturing technology isn’t given way to the Europe, and its auxiliary facilities become more perfect. In the past many years, we enjoyed a friendly cooperation with Huangbo. Prospects for Guangbos development should be more bright. I hope our cooperation is a long-term and pleasant one.

representative of Guangbo Group reveals that china stationery manufacture has a very complete industrial chain in European market, with strong innovative ability and radiative ability. Guangbo stationery will make full use of the strong designing ability, manufacturing ability and market expanding ability, take advantage of the good opportunity of Beijing Olympic franchise, strengthen technical reform and industry upgrading, stengthen the coopetation and exchange with well-known stationery brand in other countries and regions. By the way of acquisiting factory, cooperation and exchange, brand export, Guangbo will develop into the high-end stationery brand market of self-owned brand and self-innovation step by step.


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