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Guangbo “fire-fighting skill operation competition in 2007”ranteed
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On December 8, “fire-fighting skill operation competition in 2007” is held by Guangbo Group and fire department of Yinzhou District. This skill competition gains positive response both from branch factories and Group management center.

The competition sets up two links. The branch factories send 4 males and 2 females to attend it seperately.

At the whistle sound of starting race, the first link of the competition begins. Ten participants try their best, run to the finishing line, get the champion flag and answer the fire-fighting safety knowledge questions.

Theoretical knowledge is the basis, which should be combined with practice. That is, the second link: fire drill. Acrossing one wood bridge, participants have to use the fire extinguisher to put out the flame of the certain place, so as to improve the staff’s using skill of equipment of outfire, and the stable mental quality while facing fire. Then is the 50-meter fire-extinguishing drill, to text the participants how to install equipment of outfire and let it burst out water in the shortest time. The result is stationery branch factory ranks top, neck and neck with plastic rubber branch factory.

After the two links, the total score is as following. The champion of “fire-fighting skill operation competition in 2007” is stationery branch factory, plastic rubber branch factory wins the second place, the third place is printing branch factory. Well, competition is not the main purpose. The real intention of competition is more important: strengthening “119” Guangbo staff fire-fighting safety responsibility consciousness, improving fire-fighting safety operation ability, doing outfire safety work conscientiously, to well popularize the importance of fire-fighting safety among every employee.


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