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The investigating group from provincial news publishing bureau visit Guangboranteed
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On December 12, leaders from the provincial news publishing bureau visit Guangbo to research and investigate, such like Shan Lie, vice-director of copyright bureau, Wang Guojun, division chief of printing dept, and so on.

President Wang Liping makes a report to leaders on the basic situation of the company’s printing aspect. President Wang introduces that the first-class books project is the main direction of the development of printing industry in China, also is the keypoint of Guangbo’s future development. On the basis of Gaobao, Haidebao, Lanbao, etc, about fifty sets of printing equipment that Guangbo has had, Guangbo will import more advanced equipment, actively develop donation and investment project--- various preparatory work on the first-class books project.

According to the plan on the development of Guangbo first-class books project, company will import advanced equipment from abroad, such as the HP digital printer from the U.S., the CTP direct platemaking machine produced by Creole, Canada, German’s Gaobao 4-color and 8-color printing machines and book deluxe binding production line, offset line as well as staple production line, to form the digital deluxe binding book process flow line and allotype books processing line with technical characters. After the project has fully reached, the printing equipment of this project can reach 300 million printing times per year, planning to print 5million volumes of deluxe binding books, 10 million volumes of allotype books.

After hearing the report, vice-director Shan Lie fully affirmes the excellent achievement that Guangbo Group has gained in the printing aspect. He emphasizes in the meeting: the technological innovation of enterprises is an important way to keep the economy in a rapid development, also is an important support to change the economic growth models. At the same time, enterprise should transform the brand into intellectual property rights, implementing brand strategy of “going out”, strengthen exchange and cooperation between the counterpart. In such ways, enterprise can go further.

It is said that this visit by the investing group is to perfect production institutions of the printing industry in our province. The very reason for them to choose Guangbo as the investing and researching object mainly is that Guangbo as the leading enterprise on printing industry in China, has much good experience worth consulting. At last, the investing group come to the printing workshop having on-the-spot investigation, knowing the vary technological processes in detail. They mainly investigate the key role that advanced technological equipment has played in the production process, like the CIP digital pre-press system, digital proof, color management system and so on.


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