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Guangbo charity funds for the development of children’s education in rural areas has formally started
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On December 16, the launching ceremony of Guangbo charity funds for the development of children’s education in rural areas is held in Guangbo Group as scheduled. Xiang Bingyan, chairman of Ningbo Charity federation, Tong Mingxue, the vice chairman, as well as the journalists from many medias attend this ceremony.

On the launching ceremony, Guangbo Group signs the cooperation agreement with Ningbo Charity federation. Guangbo donates one million yuan in establishing Guangbo charity funds for the development of children’s education in rural areas, used for supporting the children from remote mountain areas to receive better education.

After the establishing of the funds, children from Xiangshan Xinqiao Center Primary School are the first object to receive the help. On the ceremony, two student representatives receive the donated stationeries from Guangbo Group. After the activity, the first batch of donation will be transported to Xinqiao Center School with unified distribution.

It is said that Guangbo Group has always been caring and supporting the social public welfare silently. During the past ten more years, Guangbo Group has sent more than 2 million yuan as gratuitous fund to no less than thousand poor old people and employees; caring about social disease and the difficult group; establishing one million yuan as coronal name fund to donate the anticancer foundation; the employee mutual saving fund established in 2002 used to care about the poor employees and solve their problems; caring about social education course, setting up Guizhou Hope Primary School, caring the school of peasant worker’s children. Up to now, Guangbo Group has donated more than 7 million yuan in helping the poor students, poor family and social welfare.     

Wang Liping, the president of the Group, says on the meeting: “The Seventeenth Party Congress puts forward new demands of constructing a harmonious society and the enterprise. Enterprise must fully cognizes and fulfills its own social responsibility and makes due contribution in constructing a harmonious society. In our opinion, the enterprise’s social responsibility, not only refers to produce top-grade products and pay tax according to the chapter, but pays more concern on philanthropy, educational cause and livelihood cause. This endowment is only to say its share of the work.


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