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Cheering for the Olympic games with global famous corporationranteed
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Recently, Guangbo has good news from Olympic marketing department. In the end of last year, Guangbo Group signed a contract of 3 million with Inner Mongolia Yi Li corporation limited. After it, we get an order of 1 million sets of Olympic table calendar with amount 6 million from Sumsung Group one of 500 top companies.

It is know that Sumsung Group has spent half of a year for this purchase order. After comparison with other suppliers, Sumsung chose Guangbo Group because of its famous brand and specialization.

Guangbo Group is well known both in domestic and global market. Based on niche marketing plan, superior quantity and strong competitive power, more and more people know Guangbo Group.

In the same time, Guangbo Group attends all kinds of exhibition both in domestic and abroad market. In 2005, we made sports marketing by the “8.1” Guangbo woman basketball team. Most important, we have been the concessionary stationery manufacturer of 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

Specialization brings order

Sumsung Group visits our production workshop and printing factory. When they see our advanced equipment, professional team, superior quality and famous Guangbo brand, they sign contract without hesitation. Sumsung Group intend to purchase 2 million set of table calendar in next year with amount RMB 12 million if we can cooperate successfully this time. It proves that our brand is acceptable in global market and we have been internationalized.

Being the supplier of world famous corporation, it means our Guanbo brand has been recognized by global market. To offer perfect and elegant products and culture for 2008 Beijing Olympic game, we believe we can develop much rapidly and successfully.


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