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The 7th foreign companies gamesranteed payday loan
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After strong competition, the last 16 teams come out from 45 teams on LG Yongxin Cup basketball match of Ningbo 7th foreign investment companies’ games. Guangbo basketball team enters into last 4 winning a complete victory.

Ranked No.4 in last “LG Youngxin cup” basketball match, Guangbo Group delegation enter into last 16 directly. In the morning of 13th, we meet Zhongmeng steel team. We fight with them very hard. Finally, we defeat them by the score 42: 40.

In the late days, we defeat Ningbo Yunshen team, Sumsung heavy industry team by the score: 47:18 and 57:39 by remaining high hit rate, fast break and breach.

In the evening of 14th, Guangbo team win the match with Enbo team, the No.2 team in another group by high score: 71:35.

In this evening, Guangbo team will fight for the last 2 with Zhongmen steel again that is the No.1 team in their Group.


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