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Grand street show of Guangbo digital camera was held in Americaranteed
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Grand street show of Guangbo digital camera was held in America that was the 2nd site of Guangbo global street show started from Dubai.

Global street show not only need brand but also need support of core technology. From 2003, when Guangbo Group entered into digital camera field, the core technology and parts relied on import that cost us a lot and restricted us to develop further. In the end of 2004, Guangbo digital company hired many talents and cooperated with experts and professors in some famous university. By this way, we want to develop technology by ourselves.

On the 31st, Dec, 2005, Guangbo digital technology company limited researched and produced 5 megapixel digital camera – F258 that passed expert authorization of national camera mechanical standardization committee, national camera quality supervision and examination center, Zhejiang university optics graduate school. This new model digital camera now only owns CMOS image sensor and high definition TFT LCD above 5 megapixel but also with multifunction of digital camera, digital video and recorder, MP3 and MP4.

As soon, 5 megapixel AF optics lens enter into market, it will also fill up the blank of this field in domestic market. It can reduce 40% production cost and quality will not worse than lens import from abroad. Now we are researching optics lens with 6-8 megapixel.

By our own innovation, our single digital cameras have owned 1 invention patent, 3 new practical patents and 5 independent design patents. We can research and produce more than 20 different models digital electronic products with 3-8 megapixel. There are totally 10 first class digital camera production lines in our company that can produce digital camera 3 million sets exported to Germany, Brazil, Canada in Euro & American market and middle-east market.

In order to push our “Guangbo” brand digital camera, we will hold our “ street show” to Europe, East and South Asia, South America market.  



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