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Guangbo. Sunshine garden---he bright project in the west of Ningbo cityranteed
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Guangbo. Sunshine garden---he bright project in the west of Ningbo city



On the 10th, March, real estate project “Sunshine garden” invested by Guangbo Group was started to build. Our group president Mr.Wangliping cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

It is a symbol project for famous enterprise entering into real estate industry. “Sunshin garden” is the first real estate project for Guangbo group and full of humanism designed by England famous RMJM design company. All the details are considered and offer excellent residential environment to our tenement.

Collectivity description

 “Sunshine garden” lie aside of Shiqi street in Yinzhou district totally 180 thousand square meter. It is a noble community and very convenient to resident as it is close to airport and with complete service. The garden is divided into A, B and C 3 area and will be finished built in the end of 2007.



Project Design

Our garden zone is designed by Britain RMJM design company.  The combination of centralized virescence and residential equilibrium are considered completely with topic of modern, health, culture and zoology. Based on modern naturalism style, united with sloping field, clean waterscape and garden, harmonious humanistic residential zone is created successfully.

At the entrance of the residential garden, it is fountain plaza, waterscape corridor and water shade wall. After you go through them, you will walk on our shore water pavement. On this way, you can enjoy delight of Children, smiling voice of old man and the setting sunshine. Leisure is the main entertainment atmosphere in order to build a communication place between men and between men and nature.

The room design in the garden

All the rooms including kitchen and bathroom a are designed in elegant style and very bright with sunshine from outside. The size 76 m2 – 98 m2 and 100 – 120 m2 are main 2 different models.

It is no doubt that “Guangbo. Sunshine Garden” will be one the most expected real estate projects in 2006. It can be the representative project to improve residential image the west of Ningbo city. Based on powerful brand supporting, Guangbo Group will make “Guangbo Sunshine Garden” as a shinning project in the west residential zone of our city and spread the inner value of Guangbo brand.


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