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Guangbo support stationery paper antidumping caseranteed pa
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Yesterday, a reporter knew from Guangob group that American ITC had made primary  judgement, but the result of judgement was very bad to Chinese stationery enterprises. Guangbo Group board Chairman Wangliping thinks that Guangbo is not antidumping in American market and we will trace this case to the end.

When we got the news of anti dumping, Guangbo group and other related company held industry undamaged demurrer under the organization of China light industry arts and crafts import and export chamber of commerce. But American domestic industry investigation and witness committee have judged that Chinese stationery paper had damaged American stationery industry and advised to collect 270%-300% dumping duty. It means that we are failed in the case.  Now the case has been transferred to American DOC. More than 10 enterprises will fight for the single tax rate.

Against the antidumping judgement from Guangbo Group

In the case, there are more than 20 big enterprises involved and the amount is near to USD130 million. It’s unfair to judge this case according to price making by American procedure and industry cost calculation. Guangbo paper stationery is in the middle and high price position of industry that is not antidumping.

Chinese enterprises cooperate with American partner in the antidumping case

At present, Guangbo Group has spent 100 thousand USD retaining American lawyer. American lawyer says that it depends on the product structure, inner financial system and high additional value if we can win the case and get reasonable tax rate. The American partners of Guangbo Group have retained lawyer for appeal in this case.


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