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Approaching 8.1 basketball teamranteed payday loan
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On the 5th, Aug, the employees in Guangbo Group who were fans of 8.1 women basketball team saw the girls of 8.1 basketball women team.

On that day, after finishing signature ceremony, the girls of 8.1 women basketball team held a match with their fans in Guangbo Group. It was really a unforgettable afternoon.  




Team members shook hands with other before the game was begun. The match was very wonderful, as each member did her best in the game. It’s a little funny that as both of teams were Guangbo tea, so we may confuse we should cheer for which team. But it was not the problem, our fans said they cheer for both team.




   These 2 teams competed with each other strongly. Our fans enjoyed in this game very much. But the time was gone too quickly and game was over soon. The game not only left us happiness but also made our fans close to 8.1 basketball women team.


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