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Guangbo training is beginning
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If we want to be excellent enterprise, we need superior talents resource as the directors of our some departments. And it is very important to improve the management efficiency for these directors. On the 18th, June, Guangbo Group invited professional instructor from Jianfeng management technology research academy to train our medium level directors for 2 months.

In 21st century, On one hand, with the development of economy and advancement of technology, knowledge turns more important in present enterprises. The base of industry economy is turning to knowledge capital from substance resource and money capital. Success to future enterprise is how to knowledge quickly and effectively. On the another hand, the function of superior to manage his department become more important but not only just reply on the strict management system.

These instructors are full of management experience and theory. They take their own sample to explain new management method and theory to our directors. Instructors and our directors all agreed that quality was the primary factor in managing a workshop. And then they listed other factors like cost, lead time, safety these factors in workshop management. The management training class improved quality management and personnel management. “Students” enjoyed such training classes.

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