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Guangbo group hold CTP news meetingranteed payday loan<
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On 1st, April, Zhejiang Guangbo Group joint stock company limited held “Guangbo Group CTP digitize pro-printing system meeting” with Keli’ao pro-printing equipment Shanghai company limited together. Guangbo group took the chance of Keli’ao CTP digitize pro-printing settlement project to introduce the advantage of our company for our customers and prompt the popularization of digitize in printing industry.

On the meeting our general manager Wangjunping pointed out that “ the present printing industry is facing the transformation from coexistence time of simulation and digital technique to combination time of digital technique, network technique and multimedia technique. Digital technique like plate making by computer continue to impact the traditional printing industry. Our printing department has big problem on plate making technique. By inputting CTP digitize pro-printing system, we not only solve technique problem but also offer much better quality product and superior service to our customer. It is the first step for our group on technical innovation. We will stick on science and technology innovation to prompt our industry upgrade and continuously developing.

After meeting, all the attendees visited CTP operation system in workshop and they could feel its advancement. 



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