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Celebration for the award of “ China stationery capital”ranteed
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In the afternoon of 23rd, March, 2005, on the ceremony of award for the honor of stationery capital, China light industrial joint association Vice chairman panbeilei sent the tablet written with “ China stationery capital” to our vice mayor Yuhongyi. It will be helpful to the stationery enterprise in Ningbo city. 

On the ceremony, our CEO Wangliping as the representative of all great stationery enterprises in Ningbo received this honor certification from Chairman Panbeilei. This honor also is a kind of pressure for our Ningbo stationery enterprise to work much harder.

There are about 2700 stationery manufacturers in Ningbo with employees 100 thousand totally. In last year, the whole sales value was 17.2 billion that was 25% of our whole country sales value. Value of export was 1.6 billion that was 33.3% of whole country. At present, our stationery products include paper made product, books, writing tools, hardware stationery, file keeping appliance, artistic drawing, students’ supplies, office equipment, office daily products and chemical stationery more than 10 different kinds and 10 thousand of different models. 80% of these products are sold to abroad and export to more than 150 different countries. So our city could be named as China stationery capital.

The honor name of China stationery capital is supported and guided by China light industry joint association, China stationery and sporting goods association and China pen making association. Our civic government also emphasizes on this reputation very much. We shall know it is the result of our all stationery industry enterprises and related corporations hard work including our Guangbo Group. Guangbo group is the leading enterprises in our Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province and even whole country. It is one of the 3 famous export brand supported and developed by national board of trade. In 2004, the turnover of album and volume produced by our group was 20.4 million. So Guangbo Group contributed a lot for our city to get this honor and our manager Shuyaoping was awarded as superior personnel to cultivate China stationery capital.

In addition, in order to develop international market further, on the ceremony Ningbo stationery industry association united with Wenzhou pen making association, Taiwan library education supplies joint association, Thailand stationery official instrument consortia, Malaysia Xuerong stationery and book industry consortia, Singapore book and stationery business consortia, Philippines stationery chamber of commerce to launch the plan for establishment of the stationery industry ally for Asia and the Pacific.. Based on original customer, stable agent framework, stable production system and powerful research ability these advantages, Guangbo Group also attended this activity positively to prompt communication and cooperation among all the stationery industry enterprises in Asia and Pacific zone.



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