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Upgrade Guangbo printing industry by Investing 30 million to purchasing CTP system.ranteed
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Recently, as the model information enterprise in Ningbo city, Guangbo purchased global terminal network system – CTP automatic publish system by investing 30 million. It improved printing technology for our group and made our printing industry upgrade to a further step.

Compared with traditional printing flow of production, the CTP automatic publish system had replaced original Feiling execution. It saved 80% making time before printing and 50% of production cost. Most important, it could satisfy different changing of customer on printmaking. So it helped us a lot on improving quality, reducing mistake, shortening lead time and accelerating printing speed.

It was the first step to purchase CTP automatic publishing system. In order to improve printing technology, Guangbo Group hire 2 printing expert from Korea (one of them once owned Korea printing technology president award) with salary more than million one year. In the same time, 20 colleague students from Beijing printing institute and Shanghai printing institute major in printing would come to enter into our company. Based on present 42 sets Germany Gaobao, Haidebao these 2 famous printing machine, we would invest more 20 million to purchase 2 Gaobao printing equipment from Germany.

When Guangbo was buying CTP automatic publishing system, hiring technology personnel and advanced equipment, the printing workshop construct expanding project with area 12 thousand square meters had started. Guangbo color printing could reach to 2 billion printing time when the work shop move to new plant in year 2006.


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