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Guangbo Group 2005 Economy work meetingranteed payday loan<
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Great meaning for the future from before years

---Guangbo Group 2005 Economy work meeting


On 5th, Jan, Guangbo Group 2005 Economy work meeting was held on time. All the middle-level leaders like branch company manager and branch factory directors totally more than 90 persons attended this meeting that was charged by board chairman Wangliping.


2004 is a full harvest year

Firstly, General manager Wangjunping made a report that last year was a hard year as the material cost rising, transportation problems, power and labor force insufficiency, and strong competition in market, we still developed well. Last year our production value was 1.22 billion increased 32.6% compared to year 2003; Sales amount was 1.46 billion increased 29.4% compared to 2003; Value of foreign trade was USD 53 million that was 22.5% of 2003. Printing branch factory and plastic branch factory these branch factories improved their technology by purchasing 2 sets high speed bisect four color offset press, 1 set double cover double color resin winding drum machine and especially imported CTP printing system and the operation of new machine was guided by very famous expert from Korea. Then we made great progress in this year 2004.

Besides it, our company revised rules and regulation and perform practical 6S management system. We also passed to use ERP information management to realize information share and improve enterprise management level.


More wonderful prospect of 2005

After summarizing the performance we got in the past year, president Wangliping pointed out that 2005 was a year to transfer our enterprise from stationery industry to technology and science model enterprise. In the coming new, our company will focus on the entrance of domestic market and also to enlarge international market share. We shall offer much better service to our old customer and develop new customer by dependent on foreign sales network and our OEM sales model.

In 2005, our annual sales shall be retained to 1.8 billion, among them purchase value, import and export value reach to USD70 million.We also plan to develop high technology; Our sales target is to keep 25 ton sales quantity for Namometer material both in oversea and domestic market and sales quantity of 1.5-2 million sets for digital camera with 2-5 effective megapixel; to build 580 thousand square meters Guangbo science and technology zone and try to finish 2nd project.

In addition, Guangbo will develop in globalization way to prompt Guangbo brand and reputation. By introducing talents and building enterprise culture, Guangbo Group will reach to a new level in the next 3 years.



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