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Who neglect detail?
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---By our news analyst


Nowadays, many people are thinking about how to keep high efficiency of enterprise management and reduce waste. We have read many books for this problem like “Who move my cheese”, “No excuse”, etc and also some cases in our own country. But we don’t think these case or some methods mentioned in above books reliable to us until we find a book name “Success and failure are determined by details.”

The developing of Guangbo in these years can catch many people’s eye that is benefited from our effective management. And most of us are proud of this management model and our past experience. However, some of us have neglected some details in our company. You can find some useful material in dustbin that could make us loss more than million each month.

We must consider more about details in our company as competition has turned more strong because material price increasing, cut throat competition and living cost raising, etc. So it is worthy for us to pay more attention on some details like loose management, overstaffed, etc.

High efficiency is what enterprise management pursue. The target of management is to develop and excellent management can’t ignore any details.


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