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Vice-Chairman Chengsiwei applaud labor union’s work in Guangbo Groupranteed
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--Prompt civilization construction by labor union

--Develop labor union by civilization

Vice-Chairman Chengsiwei applaud labor union’s work in Guangbo Group


Vice-Chairman Chengsiwei visited Guangbo printing branch labor union and namometer branch labor union. In the office of printing branch labor union, he was very interested in green mail box and special column for right protection. He also asked employees the reply for the questions and suggestion from green mail box. He applauded the efforts what Guangbo labor union have done when he finished visiting wide and clear workshop and know the salary level of Guangbo employees.

On the forum of enterpriser and labor union, board chairman Wangliping introduced the positive efforts what Guangbo have done on administration, base construction, and labor union development. We cultivate corporation culture of culture, study, good faith, mission and put our labor union in this culture to develop our labor union. From 3 aspects: accelerate company developing dependent on labor, protect lawful rights and interests by opening many channels, strengthen labor union its own construction and improve leading work to labor union, our chairman introduced the performance we have got on labor union construction and cooperation culture construction.

In addition, more than 10 presidents and labor union chairmen of other company like Nignbo Fubang holding Group, Ningbo general plastic machinery company and Ningbo construction industry Group also made their reports in detail. The people attended meeting were interested in a propagandistic book name “The gene of pursuing perfect” from Guangbo Group. From 3 aspects “culture, study, mission”, the book show Guangbo special developing way and its contribution to our society.

After listening carefully to reports from all the enterprisers, Vice-Chairman Chensiwei praised the performance what Ningbo private corporations have got. As a private company, it’s very precious that our private corporations could develop themselves with the guide of “ three representative” of our party as “3 representative” is the base of our society.

Chensiwei required that all corporations should strengthen communication between party, labor union and woman union and develop their function for communication, coordination and arbitration in their company because it will do good to the management of enterprises and development of our enterprises in a long, continuing and healthy way.



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