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Set up book center in our companyranteed payday loan
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To build study model corporation is the developing direction of Guangbo Group for years. Study model corporation is the developing trend for the future corporation. Only the study model corporation could assure continuous innovation, own the ability to face changing market and use manpower and knowledge capital, then to realize the final target of corporation satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, investor and society satisfaction.

When we face new market and economy situation, new advanced technology, our leader convince that it is the talent competition, knowledge competition and even study ability competition in the nowadays competition. So our company set up a new books center to improve training and education condition.

Our new books center collect books more than 10,000 volumes including all kinds of philosophy theory, economy journey, literature writing, living styles, technology garden, entertainment story and some other magazines. There are some tables in the center. Then our employees could relax themselves when they are reading in it. 2 computers that can go on internet will open to our worker soon also. The open time of books center is off work time when our employees can relax and improve themselves in that time.

Setting up the books center is a bright point for our company to build study model corporation. In the new century, we will enter into knowledge economy era and knowledge will be the most important capital and most precious resource. It has been main element in economy developing and a challenge and chance for each company and person. Books center is just the main place for people to get new changing knowledge. So you must learn more from books center to avoid washing out.

In the future, society will require us to study in whole life as the high technology is changing our life style day by day. Our target of setting up book center is to guide our employee in their study and then to create more performance for our company.


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