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Industry structure upgrade accelerate economy developmentranteed
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--By our newspaper commentator

In the recent years, Guangbo made great progress, when we faced global economy integration, our leader found out that we must adjust our present industry structure and search which industry we can gain more profit if we want to get long term development. Now the Guangbo science and technology zone occupied 580 thousand square meters have been build up, it is mainly used to develop Namometer technology and digital products. And our industry structure is upgraded from original traditional stationery to high tech industry that is the result of economy development.

Industry structure upgrade is the result of economy development but not the precondition of it. Under the conditioner of opening economy, if you want to find out which industry a nation will develop especially in a developing country, you shall observe what kind of trade model the opening economy has brought to it. Economy increase model is determined by trade model. Most important, in a medial and long term, what is the main advantage for a country to compete on the world market that make the country find its suitable market position.

Industry structure upgrade is to replace the lagged industry by preponderant industry. Our Group take traditional industry as main line. In the recent years, especially in the hi tech time of 21st Century, the advance technology will replace all the rude tools. The industry structure will change with the developing of our society. So we want to enter into high and new technology industry to develop namometer material and digital camera products. In our market we are short of high and new technology product as we lack this kind of capital and talent. Only rely on the advantage of some industry we have to exchange the technology we have not own. By improve our economy, inputting new technology and making it to suit local market, we could realize industry structure. So if we put the change of industry development into the progress of economy development, it is the result of economy development.

Industry structure upgrade is necessary for our company multi industry development and it’s the key of advancement for the whole corporation.


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