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What shall we do for the second business takeoff?ranteed pa
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By our paper commentator

In the recent years, Guangbo Group have made great development. In facing the integrative progress of global economy, our company leaders grasp the chance and make the strategy target for the company second takeoff. The Guangbo science and technology zone occupied 58000 square meters have been build up, plastic branch factory, digital company, Namometer company will move to this zone gradually. Guangbo will face a completely new wide sky. Then we as the principal part of our group, how shall we change the conception to face the new time , new chance and new development?

We found two problems when we face the second company takeoff.

First, Specialization is the temptation that we shall conquer when we face the regulation of our company, and it is also the test for each of us in the group how to cooperate together, be united together and be fair. Our company has made a series of regulation suitable to the development of our company after research comparison in order to avoid shortage of conformity for company development.

But in the process of execution, we will meet the resistance of department specialization and personnel specialization. In order to emphasize personal performance, some people will show their own specialization and the specialization of their collectivity. Most of them take their own as the core of the company, and will not consider the development and regulation of our company. If so, we may lose integrated development and justness.

Department difference is another point we shall consider carefully. The vertical and flat configuration organization model that is very successful in our nation is still not very perfect for us. We can find it is wasting our manpower source by example of sending notice to our different department. The reason lies in the certain relation of department assortment, but it also caused by organization specialization from personnel specialization.

Advocating economy is a necessary measure for us to control cost and increase effective profit. In fact, if we can do the production management and base management well, we are advocating economy and assorting production source effectively. But we still can find the source wasting in somewhere, it is shown from our conception as some of us don’t make any sense to damage some paper, other material and finished product. These are all the very dangerous symbol to our company development.

In order to win the second takeoff, we shall change ourselves to develop our whole company, and benefit from each other.



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