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Guangbo Group --- The ant’s step dance like elephantranteed
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At the end of March, A company named “ Guangbo Australia(Melbourne) stock company, Ltd” established in Melbourne Australia. This company register for more than 1 million USD dollar, which seems just like a ordinary trading company, but it is the first strategic step of the “ ant dance as elephant”, said by the owner of this company and the president of Guangbo Group.

This group company take itself as ant, actually own 14 subsidiary companies, including 4 overseas companies. The Guangbo Group with great name in the line of stationery once has made great history of taking e more than 40% share in the domestic paper made stationery market. Because of nonstandard market competition with the development of sales market, President WangLiping pay more attention to wide oversea market. Nowadays Guangbo Group not only has owned 4 marketing company in Hongkong, Los Angeles-America, Dubai-U.A.E, Melbourne, Australia separately, but also establish more than 20 agent offices located in Belgium, Italy, etc. By these channels, The volume, book, album and some fine paper made products are continually transferred to European, America, Middle-East and South Africa , etc, these market. Disney, WalmartCarefour these Great international buyers are also interested in this ant group with elephant ambition, only in year 2003, they have place order with Guangbo nearly 50 million USD dollar.


Then we may guess where does the power come from for this ant to dance as elephant?

Brand management

In 1992, when President WangLiping took in charge of Guangbo company which debt was more than 800 thousand. At that time he seemed owned enough courage to drive this elephant advancing. He also took an action out of other people’s imagination. He abandoned aluminum alloy door and window business, and turned to color print packing. By renting a No.08 printing machine , he started color printing way for Guangbo company. And this strategic decision bring a famous brand in stationery line. At present, Guangbo color printing company has been the biggest company in Zhejiang Province, and own more than 20 sets printing machine value above 10 million RMB. As it can take the convenience of using printing machine, Guangbo also start business of stationery manufacture.

In 1996, when Wangliping went to Germany to attend a stationery exhibition, he was surprised to find that the sales price of book , volume and album made from his company named in other company’s brand, the price was 300% higher than the original manufactured price. Then he registered “Guangbo” Brand name when he came back. In 2002, a great European stationery corporation want to buy “Guangbo” Brand with the price of several million USD dollar, but it was refused by president Wangliping. As he know, to build “Guangbo” brand was a kind of the strategic guide of survival and development for our group, the time of brand building for stationery market was coming soon.

In 2003, a disquisition name “ Fighting for brand in stationery” bring great attention in the main domestic media. Some famous newspaper like “People Daily-Market edition”, “Manager Daily” and “Global article” all published this article, which was written by our president Mr.Wangliping. He expatiated how to build brand being famous for local corporation and how to enter into international market.

And very fortunately, within 20 days after the article published, Guangbo Group received a big order without any sales promotion. In the end of August, a great America purchaser came to China and invited public bidding for notebook to Iraq student order value 16 million. Some main big stationery manufacturer all attend this bidding, but finally after comprehensive evaluation by purchaser delegation, they confirm to place order with Guangbo Group. What was the main reason cause these purchaser choose Guangbo Group as the cooperation partner? One of purchaser delegate explained it in fluent Chinese : “ Guangbo is the representative brand of Chinese stationery in American market, the album, book manufactured are warmly welcomed by American people. Another reason is our lead time is very short but the quality must be superior, it seems that only the production capacity like Guangbo Group could do it.” In addition, some great purchaser like Disney , Walmart, Carrefour, they were interested more to the famous brand stationery in China market.

Multi-industry Development

When we refer to the ant-elephant step, we have to be astonished to such a fact: in the line of stationery, the famous brand in overseas market penetrating into our local market gradually as the representative of album industry, Guangbo Group has been the leading brand in the paper make stationery line gradually. Only in the stationery line, Guangbo group sales value had been near to 1 billion in 2003. Stationery industry has been the traditional and mainstay industry for the development of Guangbo Group, the stationery

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