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Speak from "1 RMB window"ranteed payday loan<
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When I watch TV in the home, the voice coming from the presider "the new year beginning, our station will change to a new version in 2004, with a new form, more complete report....", you can hear these kind of advertisement almost each year, people will watch TV everyday, but in order to increase audience rating, they also keep on innovating to improve the quality of TV program in order to attract more audiences. You may say innovation is a special thing, and it has nothing to do with our normal work. It's wrong. in fact, in our normal life and small detail of our job, innovation chance is everywhere.

It makes me thinking about some innovation activity of our company's dining room. In order to attract more employees, they offer some new service like "chuan" food, special breakfast ,"1 RMB" window, etc. As there are 4000 employees in our company coming from all over of our country, like Sichuan,Anhui,Jiangsu Province, and mainly are Ningbo local people. Original most foods in dining room are Ningbo taste, but the employees from other place don't like these kind of food, and a lot of our colleague come from Sichuan, they like Sichuan food, so the dining room open "chuan" food window. Its price is very cheap, and it could make these employees feeling warm like going back hometown." Special breakfast" is some special food, like "man tou", all kinds of "baozi", etc, these colorful foods can satisfy all our people. And it is very healthy.  Breakfast is very important in a day for a man, only you have breakfast better, you can work in an energetic way." 1 RMB Window" is opened for the employees whose life are poor or not so rich. This service may make dining losing money, but it should be held, as it's one kind of team cooperation spirit.

These innovation bring more convenience to our employees, it shall be held and develop, the dining room is also not the exception.

The innovation in the service of a company is the innovation of enterprise developmen, our company could be more competitive only if it could service its employees well. The party committee and labour union in our company take employee's interest protection as the core of corporation developing, no matter to build mutual assist fund for years or send all kinds of festival gifts, both show the caring and consideration from our company.

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