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-------------Explain human culture by “the GuangBo View”


 “The GuangBo View” is a business card which shows the group’s culture and is a carrier of the group explaining its spirit, power and morality inside and displaying its brand, idea and culture. It is the most direct way to explain the GuangBo’s human culture. 

 “The GuangBo View” was opened in 2002 that is after the group improved its industries third time and the group had been founded for 10 years. We cite a word written in the article of the starting publication by Mr. Wang: “the starting publication of “the GuangBo View” is a symbol that the group develops to a new stage and a landmark of showing the group’s culture to the outside world”.

Since “the GuangBo View” started publication, it always devoted itself to transmitting and showing the GuangBo’s culture, and to improving the value of the group’s management and brand. The GuangBo Group is originally from an alnico window and door factory that is on the verge of bankruptcy. Originally, its business involves color printing and packing, then involving paper stationery, now, it involving hi-tech industry. Nowadays, it has become an integrated group that develops rapidly. Its business involve stationery, rubber products, metal Nanometer material, digital camera and importing and exporting trade. With total assets of more than 500 million RMB, 3500 employees (including 12 foreign experts and 4 doctors), 13 holding subsidiaries including 3 joint ventures, 3 overseas subsidiaries and 2 hi-tech enterprises, the income of foreign currency increases at an annually average rate of 50%. The products made by the group are sold to more than 60 countries and areas in Europe, U.S. and the Southeast Asia.

The GuangBo group considers the labor capital as the biggest capital of the group’s development. The people-based management put forward by president Wang has seeped into the employees’ minds. Last year, the “GuangBo View” tried its best to explain the people-based culture from every cultural activity that are organized by the group such as the work fraternity, the mid-autumn festival party and the work school. The “GuangBo View” is the transmitter of GuangBo’s culture. It aims to magnify GuangBo’s spirit and to develop GuangBo’s culture; inspire worker to study and promote GuangBo’s development. It functions as a bridge to connect between the inside and the outside world. It opens more channels to receive worker’s advice and adopts virtues from all quarters inside, and makes more friends and adopts virtues from all quarters outside. The two points embody the GuangBo’s cultural connotation-“wide space, broad heart” which plays an important role in the group’s development.

“The vast world”. The market gives us a stage to show us. Strengthening development, packing and marketing for its stationery trade and adding marketing web-point make the group closely contact with the international market; on the other hand, expanding diversified developing space makes the group occupy the hi-tech field.

The talent is the subject of the GuangBo spirit, and caring for its workers is the major content of the group’s people-based culture. The chairman of the group’s trade union received a letter in Jan. 28th and the letter said: “dear leaders, wish the group develop rapidly! President and the managers of each branch factory, thank you for your care. You have dinner with us (847 workers who can’t reunite with their families) in spring festival eve and your actions deeply move me. The GuangBo Group is my second family. Huang Xinyan, Jan. 22nd, 2004.

The GuangBo Group not only set up the defense center and green mailbox but also held a series of activities such as rational suggestion according to the three subjects of “culture, study and love” to strengthen the cohesion of the group. To do all this, the group strengthened the train (including basic train, skill train and education train) for the ground, and the trade union set up “the worker fraternity” in May, 2002 to supply help for those who got into economic trouble.

All these have been shown and transmitted in “the GuangBo View”. Though the achievement we’ve gotten has passed, it has been the stage for future progress. We believe that the group and “the GuangBo View” will keep abreast of innovation and culture in future.


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