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The Group Held the Economic Work Meetingranteed payday loan
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The GuangBo Group held the 2004 economic work meeting in QiXin Golf Club in Jan. 5th, which was taken charge by the party secretary ZhuGuozhang and the general manager WangJunpin. The middle-ranked leader, party members, the trade union and women’s representatives also attended the meeting. The meeting reported and concluded last year’s works and arranged this year’s works. When concluding last year’s work, general manager WangJunpin pointed out that the year of 2003 was an unusual year. As a shareholding group, though the group affected by America-Iraq War, SARS and the intense heat of summer, the staff conquered these troubles and acquired great achievement. In 2003, the group’s output value got to 920 million yuan, and the sales reached 1080 million yuan, including export amount of 50 million yuan, respectively increasing by 100%, 145% and 88%. In addition, the group also attained to much accomplishment in company culture and company management. The group would focus on adjusting the mode of production and management. Then deputy general manager DaiGuopin and the managers of all subsidiaries made speeches to conclude their factories’ works. After that, Dr. ZhangJunjiang introduced the GuangBo Digital Company’s development. He concluded that the GuangBo Group’s digital camera industry affected by many factors such as SARS in 2003, and the company had to break the fence of technology and market in 2004, and the company would develop smoothly in 2005 after jumping over the fence. It was reported that the year of 2004 would be a key year that the GuangBo digital camera developed rapidly. The digital cameras of CMOS2mp, CMOS3mp and CCD3/4mp are going to market, and the development and design of other digital products will also be finished.

The GuangBo stationery industry has obtained a good achievement in local and overseas market in 2003, which establishes firm foundation for the GuangBo stationery overall occupying the local and overseas market. The group will concentrate on improving the group’s center competitiveness through strengthening basic management and perfecting management system. The group will also pay much attention to the construction of study-oriented group through encouraging every worker to study hard in order to improve the group’s quality to fit in international competition.

Then president Wang pointed out that the GuangBo Group would concentrate on the construction of the GuangBo Science and Technology Park, esp. the construction of the digital camera industry and Nanometer material industry in 2004 and the following 3 years, on the other hand, it would focus on the sustained development of the stationery industry and the mass-production and brand-construction of the color printing and packing industry, carrying out brand operation and market expansion, continually importing and cultivating talented people, deepening management system and enterprise culture. All these measures above mentioned would be sure to make GuangBo be a famous brand in local and in overseas as well.

President Wang said that to the world, to China, and even to the GuangBo Group, the year of 2003 was rough. Though the group affected by America-Iraq War, SARS, the intense heat of summer and lack of power and water, the staff conquered these troubles, acquired great achievement and made great contribution to society, which are worth proud of us. In 2004, our leaders here, under the circumstances of the global economic integration, should be clearly aware of the economic trend of local and overseas at present and in the future and the group’s position in global economy. Furthermore, we should be aware of the group’s goal in 2004 and even in its long-term development, be aware of the motivation and resource needed by brand-construction. Finally, we should encourage workers to adjust their minds, holding the opportunity to expand out business and open the new prospect.

President Wang talked about the development of brand in the stationery trade and the group positively applying the China famous brand. Then he mainly discussed that the group should correctly establish the brand-value outlook in the brand strategy. Workers in the sectors such as production, marketing and management should stick to brand strategy in such aspects as quality, value, service and so on. The group should stretch out its brand not only in stationery trade but also in the other related trades such as Nanometer material and digital camera after it conquered some troubles from the local market and the stationery trade.

President Wang also pointed out that the leaders and party members and even all workers should fully realize, in the background of the global economic integration, that there exist many inadequacies as follows: it is hard to judge our works by figure, imperfect management system, lack of the sense of study and innovation, lack of the sense of crisis, etc. consequently, we should study constantly. Moreover, we always required that workers, esp. the middle-ranked leaders and above should constantly improve their own qualities. The only way of self-improvement is study. Some always thought it is enough as long as we could earn much money. The thought resulted from unsound people motivation system and should be put aside. How to develop the group? How to improve ourselves? We should put heads together so as to get better results and pool various opinions so as to make both sides develop har

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