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GuangBo Group does actively its best at foreign traderanteed
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GuangBo Group carried out the “storing of heavily fortified positions” while experiencing US-Iraq War and SARS, with output value of 382 million yuan, among them foreign trade volume of 193 million yuan from Jan. to July, increasing respectively by 59.63% and 72.32% than the same period of last year.

GuangBo Group is an export-oriented company. And its stationery with the brand of “guangbo” is sold to more than 60 countries and areas including US, Europe and Africa. From this year on, though the group suffered a lot from US-Iraq War and SARS, it took any opportunity and made full use of the advantages on brand and marketing strategy, and kept the tendency of high economic increasing. In these days, a new lot of notebooks that worth 16 million yuan are being delivered to Iraq as students stationery in reconstruction after the War. Besides, the group took the commercial opportunity in Middle-East area, the sales volume got to more than 6 million USD, increasing by 65.23% than the same period of last year.

As an export-oriented manufacturing company for stationery, though experiencing tremendous influence of the War and SARS, the GuangBo employees were hold in putting things into practice and blazing new trails. Moreover, the group made full use of its three overseas trading subsidiaries in US, the United Arab Emirates and HongKong and its tremendous brand appeal at overseas attain to more orders. Against high temperature, achieving high yield, GuangBo Group thought sale at home and abroad as the important things of its development, doing its best at each product to promise its every product up to standard.

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