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GuangBo Group hold the working conference on development of the groupranteed
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GuangBo Group hold the working conference on development of the group- grasping the opportunity   seeking development  against high temperature  achieving high yield

GuangBo News (journalist ChenLiangliang). More than 80 persons, including leaders above middle-ranking cadres, party members and representatives of the staff, attended the meeting on development of GuangBo Group of the year of 2003 at the beautiful bank of the West Lake. The meeting was hold around such points as grasping the opportunity and seeking development.

The representatives from planning center, foreign trade department, print branch, stationery branch and quality department gave the lectures successively that concluded the achievement and experience against the bad impact of SARS and on all-round development of production and marketing in the meeting. Mr. DaiGuopin, the vice president of the group, reported the achievement and inadequacy from Jan. to July of 2003, involving expansion of plastic cement branch covering an area of 15000 square meters, establishment of home sales branch, strength of projects improved on technology, development of new products and reduce of the cost of production. Mr. ZhuGuozhang, the chairman of the general branch of CPC in the group, expounded the importance of the construction to CPC and corporation culture, and concluded and praised the achievement in the construction of corporation culture.

Mr. WangLiping, the president of the group, pointed out that, as an export-oriented company, though GuangBo Group suffered from the US-Iraq War and SARS, the active GuangBo employees displayed its advantages of net resource in HongKong, U.S., the Middle-East area and other 20 countries at large extent and the tendency of foreign trade of the group is still good. Recently, water and electricity had become the crucial factor that limited the economic development because of continual megathermal climate. However, many employees gave up willingly their leaves and conquered a few of difficulties in order to complete the more than 12 million notebooks that brought about international influence on reconstruction after US-Iraq War. He also praised the work on production, marketing and administration.

The president at the same time pointed out several inadequacies in development of the group, especially in emergencies of production, which brought about the economic losses and the wounds of body and mind of the employees. This must be urgently improved and perfected.

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