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One billion yuan for the flagship of multi-line industry of GuangBo Groupranteed
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Nanometer, digital products, intelligent products, green land, river, research base

GuangBo News (journalist WeiYuqi). On July 19th, 2003, the day is well worth memory of the staff of GuangBo Group. It is the beginning that the group, known for its stationery industry, invests one billion yuan in building up new Scientific and Technological Park and develops multi-line industry. It means that GuangBo Group starts to develop to the way of mass-production in hi-tech industry since the day.

GuangBo Group has been a large-scale limited company which integrates stationery, print paper, plastic cement products, metallic Nanometer material, digital products and export and import trade. The group employs 3500 staff members, including 14 foreign employees and 4 doctors, with total capital of 450 million yuan, foreign exchange volume of export increasing by 50% yearly, turnover of 382 million yuan from Jan. to July increasing by 59.63% than the same period of last year, among them statistic foreign trade volume of 193 million yuan increasing by 72.32% than the same period of last year.

Construct compound industrial park that combines park with company

The GuangBo Scientific and Technological Park is a comprehensive industrial park involving research, manufacture and marketing in hi-tech industry. It covers an area of 600Mu and its width is 600m, length 800m. It is divided into office building district, research and expert office building district, manufacture district, logistic district and living and entertainment district. There are totally 25 buildings, which covers an area of 300,150 square meters, including office building, research building, workshops for Nanometer products, workshops for digital products, living building and canteen, etc.

According to engineer Wu, who is in charge of design and layout of the GuangBo Scientific and Technological Park, it is divided into green belt and human space in order to make well use of every inch of land. Every district is connected by stream, and the Park combines production environment with nature sense of garden. It builds up the image of high transparence of operation and high science and technology of the group through combining architecture culture and humane spirit of the Orient with that of the West. The design embodies company image of the group that is “vast world, broad mind”.

The Park pursues the combination between nature and artificiality in design. When we pass the splendid gate, an area of bamboo forest is coming to our eyes. Through a clear river surrounding the Park, there is the 5-storey office building in the right that covers an area of 12000 square meters. The building is designed as the Chinese character of “human” and embodies broad, bright and centralized work atmosphere in the group and the company idea of “taking human as the foundation”. The 5-storey research building that covers an area of 5000 square meters is in the left. The building contains such research projects in hi-tech field as Nanometer material, digital cinema, etc. Behind them there are 10 2-storey workshops that covers an area of 240000 square meters and 3 warehouses, which are followed by canteen and employees dormitory.

The Park is divided into two parts by a clean river lined with green belt. The buildings of Ming and Qing dynasty and it are alike in style. However, the difference is that all the buildings of the Park are designed according to architectural style of Industry Park of the West. High trees and low trees make sparsely up beautiful scene, with colorful trees and flowers as major scene, pavilion, stage, veranda, terrace and other buildings as adorn. The broad river combines with beautiful, tranquil nature scene of the West Lake in form, style and color.

Culture infiltration into architecture

It is reported that the group does not hesitate to spend millions of yuan on inviting well-known architects to design for the new GuangBo Scientific and Technological Park. The main designer combines architectural style of the West and the Orient with the company culture that the group owns through investigation and communication for many times. He constructs the Park with the culture spirit of “making friends extensively, adopting virtues from all quarters” and “taping all new ways for suggestion, adopting virtues from all quarters”, and thoughts of “company in park, park in company”.

Mr. WangLiping, the president of the group, give a precise conclusion that “it is in the most comfortable work atmosphere that persons like to work most” when he expounded the effect of company culture. According to him, the GuangBo Scientific and Technological Park will be designed and constructed to be the most comfortable work atmosphere, where also persons like to work most.

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