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GuangBo group pass the re-examination of ISO9001ranteed pay
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Journalist XuShina, GuangBo news

In these days, the group has successfully passed re-examination on renewing the edition of ISO9001: 2000, which results from strict test to quality of products.

The ISO9000 is the most primary authorization that one company can get on quality system. Registered certification is the “passport” of entry to market. The GuangBo group has been carrying out the ISO9001/1/2/3, the edition of 1994 of the standard proof system, since the group engaged in the industry of stationery and color print. In recent ten years, her standard warrant has become the touchstone that prompts the group to step in international market and to achieve a good reputation. However, with the development of mass-production and multi-line industry, the old system doesn’t meet the regular production, logistics and management of the group. The group cooperates with ZhiDa Company based in ShenZhen to improve her quality management.

In the process of the renewed edition of ISO9001: 2000, the employees in charge of quality system are required to take regular training courses of inner examiner. They mainly study the primary concepts of examination, the classification of examination, common procedures, interior scheme, cases analysis, the enforcement of interior examination. Besides, another six aspects, that are the report of unqualified items, the report of interior examination, the scout examination, the association between interior examination and exterior examination, the thoughts of examination and the review of courses, exam. The result shows us that the group has enough knowledge and experience of examination to pass the ISO9001: 2000.

Compare with ISO9000: 1994, ISO9000: 2000 deletes some functions but become more strict in structure. It is better to suit for new round of development of the group in policy, target and scheme of quality.

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