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GuangBo Group was overall waging movement of rational adviceranteed
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GuangBo News (journalist WeiYuqi), when GuangBo group explains the “width” and “abundance” not only with brand image and corporation spirit, but through the strategy of “making friends extensively, gathering virtues from all quarters” to the outside world that was carried out by learning advanced management and experiences of operation from brotherly companies, professionals and cross-country group, by digging potential power and good advice from interior of the group, and by “green channel” and “green mailbox” managed by a fixed person, by which group can listen to the voices from staff in time. When our journalist sent the report, general branch of CPC of the group has received more than 6500 pieces of advice.

The general branch of CPC of the group listed no less than 20 problems in terms of production, management, company culture and personnel that were divided into three kinds of questionnaires and given to staff to answer, then sorted and summarized all of answers in order to wage better “the movement of rational advice”. Many employees have enough confidence to boom of the GuangBo group and suggest a lot of invaluable and practical proposals. More than 82% of employees focuses extremely the potential waste and suggests that the group should supervise such operation as purchase for raw materials, schedule, production supervision and responsibility institution in order to decline even put an end to remake products. Some employees in workshops even suggest that the group should return and reuse the flotsams. For instance, we can set up a small-scale manufacturing plant for tissue. Some employees yet suggest that we should strengthen regulations and firmly carry out the responsibility system to every production area in order to prevent bad behavior of littering rubbish. In fact, those suggestions above have been carried out, but inadequately. Some employees even suggest a shocked opinion that the waste in our group results from the waste of labor resource. Indeed, it exists and just is hardly noticed. Though the waste of labor resource exists in every company, some aspects of the problem in the group should urgently be improved and noticed. Some employees suggest that the group should add some cultural and entertainment facilities after work time and praise that “ the GuangBo View” and some entertainment movements has brought about new changes in the year. They also hope that the group can add some books and facilities for entertainment. We are pleased that the group has conquered the difficulty about place and established club for entertainment. Besides, we also get some suggestions about setting up small clinic and so on.

These proposals and suggestions, at some extent, reflect the trust and responsibility of all staff to the group. They make an effort to make suggestions for the group with the responsibility of “offering advice for the group, promoting development of her”. Taping all new ways of suggestion, we have step forward an important pace, adopting virtues from all quarters, we will integrate all suggestions as soon as possible and carried out them.

At the beginning of 2003, the group takes the movement of overall developing “rational suggestion” as a management institution that will be effectively carried out for a long term through establishing rational system of management and assessment, which will contribute to promote the all-round development of the group and to develop the spirit of ownership of the staff through such measures as scientific management, multiple assessment, increasing income and reducing expenditure and rational distribution and so on.

The measure of “rational suggestion” is a statute on all-round management that prompt the group establishing rational and canonical management, production craft and system, corporation culture, marketing channel and marketing strategy, and by which the group can not only increase income and reduce expenditure but also improve the level of all-round management. Thus, the group has overall arranged about how to wage the measure and focused a lot attention on management and efficiency, collection and individual as a whole. The measure mainly aims for whether existing irrational waste on a certain production process, whether the possibility of improving production craft, whether saving on time and cost of production, whether the possibility of improve production efficiency and quality of products. The rational suggestions are the rational and effective ones that can prompt the all-round development of the group on management of production, personnel, marketing and corporation culture.

The “rational suggestion” is one of the important measures that promote overall development of our group. She will set up perfect reward system on the principle of combination between contribution and return to encourage the staff to actively submit suggestions by such channels as green mailbox and so on and to make them take part in the overall construction of the group.

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