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Guangbo stationery is “zero distance” away from Iraqi Warranteed
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“Go abroad, invite foreigners and gain foreign money” is a slogan of Zhejiang Guangbo Group that mainly specializes in foreign trade business carries out “zero distance contact” with international market. This growing enterprise group leads in producing and managing photo albums, books and notebooks. It not only has considerable popularity and the quantity of total sale in American and European markets as well as Southeast Asia and African markets, but also in the focus circle of America-Iraqi War—Middle East have larger trading business. The person who takes the responsibility of the sell Middle-East of Guangbo stationery said that the America-Iraq War didn’t bring any influence on our sales, but the port war reconstruction would give us larger business chance. When the whole world focus on the flames of war in Iraq, the businesses between Guangbo Import &Export Company Limited and Weida(Di Bai) stationery trade company in Iran, Kuwaiti, Iraq, Syria, the United Arab Imitates are going as usual. A batch of notebooks cost as high as 200,000 U.S.dollars have been transported to DiBai for a customer. Up to April 20th, the total volume of trade between Guangbo and its major customers in Middle East has reached 1,500,000 U.S.dollars in 2003 and 5% of it come from Iraq.

Guangbo Weida (Di Bai) stationery trade limited company was established by Guangbo Group in 1999 in DiBai, the United Arab Emirates. It is an import curt step of “the globalization of Guangbo’s band and has a zero-distance contact with international market which carried out by wangLiping, the president of board of direct of Guangbo Group. Before and after that, Guangbo stationery also set up two Guangbo trade companies in HongKong and Los Angels of America successively. These three oversea companies have been called 3-airfare base of Guangbo stationery to carry out its global strategy. They prepared the channels for Guango stationery, which Guangbo can sell its products in more than 60 coutries and regious of the world. And they also play a central role on spreading “Guangbo”to African market.

Irapi postwar reconstruction is undoubtedly a huge cake .WangLiping ,the chairman of the board of direct of Guangbo Group ,say that the businessmen come from WenZhou have got a lot of benefits from the portwar reconstruction of Afghan .Iraq has more latent capacity of market than Afghan .We will not miss this opportunity .According to medias’ analysis ,250,000,000 Iraqi people who suffered from chaos caused by war need large sum of food ,medicine and articles of everyday use .The cheap but good Chinese products have very wide prospect .The recovery of people’s life and reopening of education of Iraq need lots of famous and cheap but good stationery and student necessities. It just Guangbo ‘s advantage .A merchant came from kuwait said , we ordered 440,000 notebooks of ‘Guangbo ’Except a port of it will provide the need of home market ,the demand of normal recovery of Iraqi portwar education is our focal point .Another customer from Israel also ordered two high cup-boards’ photo album and Guangbo notebooks ,The total value is about 50,000 U.S dollars .He said , “Guangbo stationery is very well-known in Middle –East and cheap but good ,Its quality is not worse than Japanese and South Korean products absolutely .But the price of it is 15%lower than them .We need such kind of product .Guangbo also set up a branch in DiBai and some of the leading cadres are our Arabs .We are close and have a good communication with in the shortest time .This is the “zero distance ”.

A leading cadre of Guangbo stationery import and Export company said ,when Guangbo makes contact with foreign merchant the first step is that through “zero-distance contact “to seize all the opportunities of business and occupy all the market no matter whether is peaceful or war .Of course ,Guangbo will extend more markets in postwar Iraq . “10 top outside staff ”is one measure of the labour of the the activity Yinzhou district for encouraging outside people to come Ningbo and Yinzhou and participate the great construction and development .Choose the “10 top outside staff “through public discussion are according to a comprehensive assess which base on the report about excellent outside people which from main enterprise of Yinzhou .LiMingdong did very well since he took the charge of photo album branch of Guangbo Group in December ,2001 and made great contribution to its development and production .

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