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All begin from self-protection
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Recently, a disease named the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) attack most of the countries and regions in the world ,especially in China .This have not only broken the normal life of people, but also have caused serious loss to the economy of whole nation even the whole world ,According to the report ,up to now ,the whole world have lost 30 billion U.S dollars because of this strange disease’s harassment ,Its harm is longer and more fearful than a war ,Owing to this ,the newly opened Guang Zhou Export commodities Fair made public feeling panic, visitors are few and far between each unit and the people who attended the Guang Zhou Export commodities are frightened.

The author went to the biggest local pharmacy for medicine ,only to find people who want to buy the Chinese medicine for preventing SARS had queued up a long line .A woman who held a baby bought 28 shares and paid 280yuan for them .Though she felt sorry ,she has no way out .Actually ,the author consulted lots of material about SARS .The pathogen of SARS is a new coronavirus ,At present ,human being have no immunity ability yet, people in all different ages can be infected , this shows that its inflection is very strong .But according to the analysis of the situation we collected ,this disease appears to spread is by close person-to-person contact ,as long as there is no short distance contact or have no touch with the patient directly ,the probability of inflection of common people is very low .so we should reduce the opportunities of touching the patients or infected persons, reduce unnecessary assembly ,open windows regularly and have single –way ventilation which can dilute the virus .At the same time ,It’s important to have a higher immunity ability .We should maintain the normal regulation of life ,work and rest according to schedule ,avoid being overtired and resulting in declining in immunity ability .At present ,the spring has come and the flowers are in bloom, so it’s best time that we should go out and do some probable sports .

Doing good in self-protection is responsible for the public and the whole society .Only you have no such pathogen ,your family ,colleagues and friends who around you will have no possibility of infection ,your health is our health .The company has begun to disinfect in every workshop ,office ,dining room and so on, and also maintains the ventilation ,the staff of every department ,branch should keep fresh and cool and clean in the unit .You should also keep good habit of health at home .

Besides ,we also should smoke and steam in the workplaces, dormitories and houses with 50~60 milliliter white vinegar by slow fire and acidify the air ,it has some function of restraining some of the pathogen ,The TCM Bonlangeng has the similar function ,too .Besides ventilating ,the wards and clinic districts also can smoke and steam for disinfecting with oxygen and second acid regularly and obturated for two hours .If there were someone in the room ,we can disinfect with 3% over-oxidize hydrogen through spraying and obturated for 10 minutes .

All begin from self-protection, If you really feel uncomfortable ,you should go to the hospital without any delay ,By contrast with general cold and typical symptom of SARS (more details in the edition 3),early discovery ,early report ,early isolation and early treatment .Learn how to protect yourself is love yourself and others as well .

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